ProductContent Brew- 3 Payment Plan


When it comes to planning out content for your blog and all of social media, I’m sure one word pops into your mind: overwhelmed.

If the thought of coming up with blog content, maintaining an editorial calendar, finding or creating content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on makes you want to curl into the a ball on the floor, you’re not alone!


And I have the solution for you.

With my 16 years of marketing communication (aka content) experience, plus over 8 years as a blogger, I’ve perfected a system to help you create a steady stream of content on multiple platforms… that speaks right to your audience.

In this course, you’ll build a goal-driving, audience-attracting content strategy for 2017! You’ll learn how to plan content faster & manage your social media presence easier. At the end of this course, you’ll have a full content strategy and up to a quarter’s worth of content planned out for your blog and social media accounts, not to mention a process that you’ll use over and over again.

A few awesome things that you’ll learn:

  • How to build a content strategy that’ll get results
  • How to create a crystal clear picture of your ideal reader
  • Editorial calendar templates- 3 different options that’ll work for everyone!
  • How to determine the amount of content you should create and for which platforms
  • Why and how you should include social media in your content planning
  • Techniques for coming up with an endless supply of content ideas
  • Content Generation Prompts for social
  • Attention-grabbing words and phrases to increase engagement
  • How to analyze your content so you learn from your successes (and your mistakes)
  • And more more more.

How to Know If This Course Is For You

Content Brew is for any level of blogger who wants to wants to nail down the process of using a content calendar AND learn techniques to come up with loads of ideas for blog posts and social media content

You’re ready to have a full arsenal of content at your fingertips so you stop wasting time with the dreaded “I don’t know what to write about.” (or what to post on social). I tell you, there’s nothing better than sitting down to write a blog post and already knowing what to write about because it’s on your calendar. Or getting ready for some social media interaction and already having a question ready to post. It’s like your brain already did most of the work ahead of time. Even if you have tons of ideas already but no time to write them, some of the techniques and handouts will help you save time so you can squeeze in some more writing into your life.

The best part about this course is that it’s not just reading, video-watching and downloading pretty handouts. You’ll be DOING stuff. Planning content, learning techniques and getting loads of handouts that you’ll reference long after the course is over.

What You Need to Take the Course

In order to take the course, you’ll need a few things (and none cost a dime!):

  • A blog or website (EASY!)
  • Colored markers and paper (yes, you’ll go old-school for one assignment!)
  • At least one social media account (we’ll be planning content for social)- you will need a Facebook personal profile to access the private group
  • Google Analytics is a plus and highly recommended

Content Brew- 3 Payment Plan

$71.00 per month for 3 months